Sunday, March 24, 2013

3 weeks, 2 days, 7 hours, 38 minutes

That is how long I have been without a reliable, in-house, Internet connection! A lifetime, it seems!

Nope - I haven’t been incarcerated. I think inmates probably have better access to the Internet than I have had!

Nope - I didn’t go summer in Antarctica. But, even there, I am sure scientists and personnel living there have access to the Internet.

Nope - I haven’t been at the Space Station, and even there I am sure they are ‘connected’.

I have simply been out on our RV, in campgrounds that did not have connectivity. Oh sure, I had the occasional visit to a hot spot - but sometimes Mr. Dreamy just didn’t want to relax at Starbucks for the time it would take for me to read blogs, leave comments and post my own updates. Geesh... he just doesn’t understand!

So what does one do when there is no Internet? 

It is amazing how much more time I had! I would bet you all know that! I think we all spend more time than we sometimes care to admit writing and tweaking posts, uploading pictures or finding other illustrations and responding to comments. Then, there are the hours we can spend reading other blogs and responding to our blog friends’ posts. Oh, so back to my original question.... what does one do?

Here are a few examples of how I filled my extra hours!
  • water aerobics class
  • walking the dogs
  • bike riding
  • using the agility equipment with the dogs
  • visiting with new friends
  • feeding the dogs
  • playing water volleyball
  • brushing the dogs
  • sightseeing
  • taking the dogs to the dog park
  • reading
  • taking a pickleball lesson
  • hiking with the dogs
  • shopping
  • cleaning up after the dogs
I am still not home... but we have turned the RV in that direction. The fact that my house had 12” of snow this weekend is not exactly inviting! 

I can’t promise that I will be back to daily posting. Nor can I promise to visit all of your blogs, like I’d like to. But, maybe I’ll have more opportunity than I have had in the past few weeks... and eventually I will be home with my very own high speed wireless router and Internet access!! 

I read an article about what long term RV travelers miss about home. One person missed long, luxurious showers. Another commented about having only one car to share between two folks. A third person missed their own washing machine and dryer. No one commented about missing a decent Internet connection!

I can’t wait to hear read what has been going on in your lives and I look forward to telling you about some of the things I have seen and done.... when I finally get a good connection to my world!


  1. dang; i must be doing something wrong...because when im not on the internet im either doing paperwork for Forestry to be able to eat, splitting and hauling wood, or any other numerous task that involves me cursing like a pirates parrot under my breath...

    Seriously, enjoy your time - you need to do those things :)

  2. dogs . . . dogs . . . dogs . . . dogs . . . - quite the list!

    I know exactly what you mean about the internet - I'm trying to ration my time and spend more time commenting to internet friends and writing on my own blog, and less time just hanging out on line or reading miscellaneaous stuff . . .

  3. I have missed reading about your trip!! But you have been busy doing some fun stuff. I might. . .might be okay with no internet connection if I had all that stuff to do.
    As much fun as you have been having traveling the country, do you miss home?

  4. Hopefully the snow will be gone by the time you get home. Safe Journey!

  5. And Internet-free vacation is a wonderful thing. Enjoy.

  6. Hi Dreaming! You definitely didn't miss anything by missing our snowstorm! By now the big melt is on. I had a little Internet-free trip myself, having gone up to Calgary to stay with one of my sisters after she had an operation ~ she's fine. Now I'm back and catching up. I look forward to your posts and wish you safe travels home!

  7. Soon enough you will be connected again! Sounds like the dogs had lots of attention..and what is Pickleball??:)

  8. Hmm. Your not heading home until the snow is over? Will it be June or July?


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