Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where's Dreaming Now? - Clue 3

Here's the final clue for you,
A picture of a tree.
From what you've seen can you determine
Just where Dreaming can be?


  1. Probably somewhere I have never been.--Inger

  2. My guess is somewhere along the Georgia coastline....or Florida?

    If you're in Florida, I hope you brought warm clothes ;)


  3. ROFL Inger... You made my evening!
    Well, if you have never been in SC, then you are correct!! The Palmetto tree is SC's state tree, so I put that as the last clue. We have been visiting our former home town and my husband's parents in Bluffton, SC.
    We have actually left SC and I may put up some picture clues of our next stop on our trip home.

  4. See, the alligator threw me off. We lived in South Carolina (Upstate in Rock Hill) for 7 years and never saw an alligator until my husband coached a lacrosse game at The Citadel many years ago. There were a couple of them hanging out on the edge of the field!

    Our favorite place to camp was Edisto Island and one summer we were told to stay clear of the swamps because deer carasses had been found that had probably been killed by alligators. We heeded their warning. lol!

    I'm glad you had a nice visit with your family :)


  5. Lisa, you are right about SC being very diverse. We lived in coastal SC for many, many years and it is so different than the inland areas.
    I love Rock Hill, however. I worked for a State organization with offices on the Winthrop campus, so I got to visit there once a month or so.


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