Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Forgive Me

Forgive me, Jenny Craig, for I have sinned...
I partook of the buffet on multiple occasions and filled my plate with heaping piles of tasty food.
I ate French fries and onion rings.
I ate cookies and creamy cheesecake and dishes with sinfully rich sauces.
I ate dinner rolls...
at dinner and at lunch..
with butter.
Real butter!
I indulged myself by eating appetizers, entrees and desserts...
at lunch.
And it was all good!

I also seek forgiveness from Bill W for I was known to have partaken of drink; wine and beer and creamy, dreamy drinks and drinks that came in souvenir glasses with paper umbrellas, concocted from who knows how many sinful substances...
sometimes before noon and sometimes after midnight!
And it was likewise good!

Finally, forgive me if this offends you, perhaps in the manner in which it was written but not the content. But know that I had a fine time and loved every bite and every sip and now the time of reckoning has come and I suffer regret. Perhaps my biggest regret is that I failed to take clothes with expandable waistlines on the cruise!

Now it is back to reality and back to Weight Watchers. Even though I will lose the extra baggage I have brought back as a souvenir from our cruise to the Western Caribbean I will have this picture as a reminder of our trip and as a gentle hint that I will be 'Big Momma' if I don't get back on! For the time being, I will have to be good!


  1. Yum! lol!!!

    How much fun! You must post pics of your adventures!

  2. If that's you in that photo, you sure don't look like you have much to apologize for.--Inger


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