Saturday, January 29, 2011

Back on Track

Yesterday I enlisted in the Battle of the Blogger Butts*. My weight has been creeping up. Winter has curtailed some of my outdoor activities and has put me much closer to the pantry cabinet and the fridge. The extended trip over the holidays meant eating out more often, eating road food (Pringles are one of our favorites - and every gas station seems to have them in all kinds of flavors!) and the proverbially cherry on top, or that which put me over the tipping point, a week-long cruise!

My jeans are beyond snug.
I have a Michelin Man roll or a muffin top - call it what you will.
I find it difficult to zip my chaps and forget bending my knees in them!
I find mounting even my short guys a challenge - and I'm sure they aren't happy with my dragging the saddle down, either!

I am joining other Bloggers in their fight on fat:
  • I'm with you Farmer's Wifey, in trying to lose 5%  my body weight within 11 weeks. 
  • I'll be "Weighing in with Wynonna" over at The 7MSN Ranch, and OK, I'll put a tad bit more speed into the poop pile pickup!
  • I don't have any wood to chop and drag to the house, but I'm sure that work around our new house will help me get fit. So, I'm joining AJ at A Little Farm with A Big Heart in our quest to get into better shape.
  • Any other Bloggers  who have either publicly or privately proclaimed a plan to pare down on the poundage - I'm with you, too. I'd love to hear your tactics. I'd love to hear what's working for you...and, maybe what's not. Feel free to chime in!
Although I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers and I have been going to my required monthly weigh-in, I haven't really been tracking my food or my exercise. Yesterday I weighed in at WW and I am only 2 pounds below my goal. If I go above that, I must begin to attend weekly meetings and pay for the privilege. (Not to mention the need to purchase a new, larger wardrobe - something I don't want to do.) I got back on the WW site and I have made a promise to use the eTools  tracker - every day...every bite!
I am back on track!
And, you guys can hold me to it!

When I reach for that piece of cake in the fridge, I must remember....
Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.

When I see that package of Twizzlers, I must remember....
Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.

When I reach for a second piece of sausage, onion and extra cheese pizza, I must remember....
Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.

Have a great week and if you are also trying to cut back on calories and increase your exercise, good luck!


  1. Awww.. I lost my last 20 lbs (total loss has been 40) on WW, and my hubby has gone from 320 to 288 on WW (and still loosing)... you can do it! i'm cheering!

  2. You're kidding. You have to to attend WW meetings and pay for them if you get above a certain weight? I don't even had time to attend horse club meetings.

  3. Yep, NuzMuz, when you join WW you set a goal weight. You weigh in weekly. Until you reach your goal weight you pay a monthly/weekly fee. The online tools cost money to use. However, the $ makes me stick to the plan - I work harder to lose weight so I can stop paying it.

    Jeni, congrats! You have lost a bunch of weight. I bet you feel great now.

  4. I don't have a huge goal, but need to shave off just a few pounds (I don't own a scale, but have one pair of pants that lets me know exactly where I need to be!). While neither of my tactics are "new," they're achievable and going well so far. 1. I'm aiming for 20 minutes of activity every day. I snowshoe during lunch at the office (luckily we have space for it!) and have some exercise videos from the library (I can try them without committing $; I like Denise Austin, though she can be kinda cheesey) and 2. I'm keeping the counter/fridge stocked EXTRA full with fruit/veggies and not buying dessert foot (dark chocolate Hershey Kisses give me just enough sweet). Good luck!

  5. You go girl! You'll be right where you want to be before long :)


  6. YOU are awesome..thank you for joining our battle. We will motivate you and we won't let you get away with anything...just kidding, I think you may get a free pass at some stage to use during a crappy week..

    Don't forget to link your post to the blog hop at the bottom of my blogger butt post on Saturday, so we can all read your post... Good luck!!!!

  7. Katie, I haven't been using a scale, except for the WW weigh-ins. It is all about my jeans and the way the fit, too. We have snowshoes and I'd love to get out, but we haven't had enough snow :(

    Thanks Lisa and Farmers Wifey.


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