Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Grand National - Pint Size

I stumbled on this video clip of the 'Grand National'. Well, apparently not THE Grand National, but a race between Shetland ponies. I loved watching the little guys and their riders.

I've known a few ponies in my life and they have always been very entertaining. My first introduction to Shetlands was at my Aunt's house. She had a little guy aptly named Rascal. I wanted to ride him in the worst way, so my Aunt put his tiny western saddle on (well, you know what I mean...she tacked him up) and let me have a go at it. We made it about half way around the paddock when Rascal stopped abruptly and lowered his head. I tumbled off. Not to be outdone by a pint-sized pony, I scrambled back on. Again, we made it about half way around and Rascal stopped. This time, being prepared and having a better grip with my knees, I managed to stay on....the saddle that is. The saddle slipped right over and down Rascal's neck!
The next pony that I got to know was Trigger (just how many Triggers do you think are out there?!) Trigger was at least 35 years old and had taught more than a handful of equestrians. The unique thing about Trigger is that he knew his limits. He knew the size of the rider he was willing to take around and he would never let anyone bigger than that size catch him in the paddock.

Here is a tribute to the pint-sized pals out there:


  1. Cute little bugger's aren't they!

  2. I want one! Or two! So cute!
    But they really are just full size horses in pint size bodies. Fun to see 'em race. I was surprised to see them go around more than once or twice.



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