Saturday, June 12, 2010

Something to do on a Rainy Saturday

I think getting a puppy is a great thing to do on a rainy Saturday, don't you?
We don't have a name for this cute, nine-week old red merle Australian Shepherd, but once we see his personality come out, I'm sure one will come to mind. If you have any ideas for us to try out, send them my way.
Tuckered out from his big day traveling to a new home, he took refuge under my hubby's chair.


  1. Oh! He's adorable!!!! Congrats. What a pretty color. He looks very soft and fluffy. What comes to my mind with him snoozing like that and your description of him being tuckered out, is the name...Tucker.

  2. He looks pretty 'Haggard' - get it? LOL! He's a beautiful merle and looks quite sweet! Don't call him Haggard though, okay?

  3. Too funny, I was thinking the same thing..."Tucker", altho we all know being tuckered out won't last. Enjoy your new bundle of lovable fur!!

  4. Mickey, what a great name - I cracked up reading that.

    Tucker...not bad! When I was a little, little girl we had a Golden named Friar Tuck. You are right, Aurora, he has (and will have) tons of energy. That's an Aussie trait. Maybe a name like Tucker will predispose him to be a bit lazier!!!

    We thought of Howler as he has this funny little howl - funny now, but not so funny if he keeps it up!

    My word verification is 'boarin' is nothing but boring right now!

  5. He's just as cute as can be!!! My goodness gracious!!! Gotta love them. :)


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