Thursday, June 24, 2010

Doc's Diatribe: The Crash

More information to follow.....


  1. Yikes! It's been eventful there! I think you've got an exceptionally smart horse on your hands. Not always the best thing...I'm glad you didn't get hurt in the crash.

    The mouse bit cracks me up!

    And yes - your pup is adorable!!! I'm looking to get an Aussie eventually (hopefully not for awhile as it wouldn't be until my old gal passes).

  2. Danielle, you are right, things have been hopping around here - in more ways than one!
    We lost an Aussie a few years ago to a tumor that began bleeding. We had another dog at the time who really wanted to be an only dog. Although he played with the Aussie, he was cowed by him. We made a decision that although we wanted another Aussie, we'd wait for Monty to live out his life in an enjoyable manner. We had to have Monty put to sleep last month. We were devastated. I missed having a dog so much - life was just too quiet.


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