Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pippin's POV: The Crash

Doc is in big, big, big trouble. And I mean trouble with a 
capital T
capital R
capital O
capital U
capital B
capital L
capital E

Normally I'd be gloating, but this is serious business and I am shocked. I am almost speechless, which is pretty amazing for me!
The other day my Mrs. Owner decided to hitch Doc up to the forecart. She and the guy who is always hanging around her had just finished shortening the shafts so that they don't hit us on the shoulder when we turn.
Anyway, my Mrs. Owner took Doc out into the front pasture. She made Doc go through the orange ice cream cone turn-around things that we usually have in the round pen. They were set up in pairs and she had to turn Doc every which way to go from one set to another. My Mrs. Owner was having a lot of fun. I was not! I was in my paddock. I didn't have any hay. It was hot. I was bored. I wanted to go out to the pasture to eat some of the grass that Doc was trampling with his big old feet. 
My Mrs. Owner stopped to talk to the guy who is always hanging around her and to get a drink of water. He brought the water over to her in the cart, just like my Mrs. Owner brings us water in buckets. After a bit, my Mrs. Owner asked Doc to 'walk-on'. I was dozing in the sun, so I didn't really see what happened, but the next thing I knew, Doc was charging around the pasture, with the cart bump, bump, bumping behind him and with my Mrs. Owner hanging on for dear life. Doc came up by the barn and then bolted to the left. He went out the gate and out of my sight. I heard a crash. A bit later the guy who is always hanging around my Mrs. Owner walked into the barn with shafts that were all bent and twisted. My Mrs. Owner ground drove Doc around in the harness for a while. 
Doc wasn't talking when he came into his stall. 
I heard my Mrs. Owner and the guy who is always hanging around her talking about an auction.
Uh Oh! 

More information to follow.... 


  1. Oh dear!! No one was hurt I hope!

  2. Oh no!! I hope no one was hurt!

  3. Wow Pippin. This was a hard thing to read. You must have been very concerned about your buddy and for Mrs. Owner as well. I hope you are able to give lots of encouragement and gentle nuzzles as everyone heals from bumps and bruises.


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