Thursday, April 1, 2010

Doc's Diatribe: And That's the Truth!

Pippin's quite full of himself after pulling the prank on Mrs. Owner. Of course, I had to put up with the pipsqueak for half the night. Thank Gawd he didn't get in early enough to eat my hay! Anyway, I'd like to set things straight and let you know that Mrs. Owner did figure it out, and pretty darn quickly! You see, we have a gate between the paddocks and Pippin, the Pipsqueak, plopped one of his size two's down on it with a bit of force, right near the hinge end of the gate. It seems that his not-so-dainty hoof, along with a little heft on his part was enough to break the weld on the hinge of the gate. After a winter of good hay and lots of rest I imagine we have both put on a few pounds here and there which may have added to his 'heft'. The end of the gate dropped down to the ground, which allowed the upper hinge to slide off the hinge pin. Pippin pushed the gate open and later, leaned his not so tiny hiny against it and shut it again. The chain that latches the gate on the other end acted like a hinge and held the gate upright. In fact, other than being a bit lower, the gate looked almost normal!
Mrs. Owner took a trip to the cowboy 'WalMart'. The good folks at the ranch supply store had never seen that happen before and gave her a new hinge piece. By the afternoon the gate was back on its hinges, ready to keep us apart.

See the pretty, new, green hinge?

Oh, I see the new hinge!

So, who's the April Fool?


  1. Funny the way the pretty ponies can figure to get themselves out. You just never know what they'll think of next.LOL

  2. See, I KNEW he was one smart little cookie!!


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