Saturday, April 24, 2010

By the Numbers: After the storm.....

  • 2: number of days the storm held us hostage
  • 4: height of drifts, in feet
  • 5: number of times I snowshoed down to the barn and back
  • 20: number of inches of snow that fell in our locale
  • 21: number of hours without power

Then....the sun came out!
Uh, Mrs. Owner, the snow is kinda deep....

 Going, going.....


Ahhh, green grass. It tastes even better after having been cooped up for two days!


  1. Ewww...snow. We are done with that thank goodness. It's been rainy the last couple hours though and getting colder. Here I had ideas of sleeping with my window open tonight because my bed is right next to it. Yeah right.

  2. Those are some heavy duty snow drifts.

  3. Wow... kinda looks nice compared to the storms headed this way today! I'd rather shovel, than cower inside from thunder, lightning, hail, and twisters...

  4. Guess I won't be complaining about the rain we've been having.

  5. Holy $%@# !!!! No THANK YOU no more snow here!! I will NOT complain if the dreary drizzle at all.

    Hope it melts soon and spring finally makes her arrival for you.

  6. I heard CO got snowed on again, ugh. Hope spring arrives for good so you and your haffies are able to enjoy it.

  7. Well, Mrs. Mom, you are right in that it is pretty and lightning and thunder can be pretty scary - especially where you live. I've been there and know those storms. My dog still quakes at the first peel of thunder - luckily it doesn't happen as often, and it doesn't seem as loud.

    Thanks for the well wishes and sympathy. Spring will come. It is here, someplace under the snow! The good thing about our spring snows is that the moisture is fabulous for our pastures, gardens and flowers. It usually disappears quite quickly.


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