Friday, April 23, 2010

April Showers....or April's Fool?

Wicked wind-blown icicles....

Drifts going over boot tops....

Wet horses...

Messy stalls.....
Didn't clean the paddocks....

Care to sit by the garden?

The weather service says we can expect 5 - 14 more inches by tomorrow morning!


  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. Since I, too, am living my dream, I shall visit regularly to see how yours is playing out.

    Mine also think grazing muzzles are the pits and the ultimate in cruelty.

  2. Oh goodness. I am at the Apple store in Salt Lake City playing with the iPad. Heading to the airport soon. DIA looks ok. Ugh....snow begone! Glad I boarded M & M out. Hope you can dig out soon.
    (I want one of these iPads. Too expensive, though.)

  3. Thanks to all who have visited and commented.
    We hope the snow has ended. We had over 19" and drifts over 4'. (The bench was totally obscured by the afternoon.)I broke out snowshoes to get over a big drift between house and barn.
    Lost power for almost 20 hours... water was running low for the boys.
    Couldn't decide whether to serve white or red wine with PB & J for dinner! ;-)

  4. It was awful, wasn't it? Fortunately we didn't lose power this time, but we have in the past and it's the pits! I sure was happy to see the sun.

    I always choose a dry white to go with my pb&j!


  5. Hey, Nickole,
    I saw the pictures of Aspen on Facebook - I TOTALLY understand the not sleeping thing the first night!
    I suspect this won't be our last snow, but hopefully we won't have quite as much in the future.
    See you on Wed.


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