Saturday, October 14, 2017

Wine Train

Fantasy RV Tours sent me an email weeks ago about a Napa/San Francisco rally. Since we were going to be in the area we decided it would be fun to explore this area with a group. We had a busy schedule. 

We saw a lot. 
We drank a lot. 
We ate some fine food!

Some of my favorite experiences included:
  • Dinner on the patio at Frances Ford Coppola's Winery.  
  • Beach Blanket Babylon revue.
  • Lunch in Sausalito and ferry ride to the pier in San Francisco.
  • Walt Disney Family museum.
  • Chinatown walking tour and dim sum at The Oriental Pearl
  • Lunch in the dome car of the Napa train
Here's a look at the Napa train experience:

Our menu:

Food arrives by dumbwaiter
(the machine, not the guy!):

Lamb appetizer:


Beef short ribs entrée:

Cornbread pudding and popcorn dessert:

And after dinner, a walk through the train:

A vintage dining car

Some of the many vineyards we passed:

 A view from the end:

As I walked through the cocktail car I was tickled by the sound of the suspended wine glasses:

I wrote this post weeks before fires broke out in the Sonoma area. The fires here, and in Santa Rosa are terrifying. It is hard to conceive of so many acres, homes and families impacted by the fires. We can only pray that the fires are brought under control soon, and that the 200 people on the "missing" list are found alive at a shelter. 


  1. That looks like a real fun trip! Yes from what I have seen the fires are real bad:(

    1. The trip is relaxing and was beautiful. Luckily most of the burned area is not along the train route so it will remain so.


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