Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Trip Back in Time

We Dreamers hopped on a time travel machine.
We took a trip back in time on a visit to New York.

If I made a timeline, our time-travel adventures might look something like this:


Back to the scene of the crime wedding.
The groom waits for the ceremony to begin.

Now.... still waiting (Will you hurry up and take the picture?)

The wedding takes place.

I am sure I could hear the echoes of our vows as we peeked 
into the church. It hasn't changed much!

After the ceremony...

 The chairs have changed, the carpet has been ripped out.
No one was around to take our picture, 

So, we muddled through on our own. 

I attended Bennett College in Millbrook, NY. The main building, Halcyon Hall, was formerly a luxury hotel constructed in 1893. The story I heard was that the proprietors would extend invitations to wealthy families in New York City to come enjoy a restful week in the country. Evidently the invitation hinted that the stay was free, but in fact, families received a hefty bill upon leaving!

The building was purchased in 1907, and may have looked something like this.

In my day, it looked like this. (I didn't have any pictures of the building,
but found this on the Internet, and must give credit to

The school ran into problems in the mid 70's as enrollment declined. 
The original trust did not allow the school to admit men,
nor could they turn the school into a four-year college.
The property was ensnared in the trust decrees and was left empty
when the school closed in 1978. 

What a shame.
It was difficult to go visit, but I felt compelled to see it again.

My dorm, first year.
My room was on the top floor, 4th window from the left. 


High school graduation.

Here I am with a few of my classmates (just a few years later!)
In the picture above, I am on the far right in the front row.
The handsome fellow in the picture below is top row, third from right.
My friend is on the bottom row, on the left.


We had the opportunity to visit with my beau from 10th grade!
We remarked that we had no pictures of us together from back in the day.


We attended a reunion for Mr. Dreamy and his classmates.
They were the first class to spend all four years at this "new" high school.

Some of the attendees took a tour of the school.
Much of it remains the same and "students" pointed out their lockers,
where they sat in in the music room, and where they used to
go outside to smoke during lunch.


Mr. Dreamy has been exploring his genealogy for years. 
Some of his ancestors attended this one-room school...

... and met in this Quaker Meeting house in Greenfield, NY.


Hugo Freer, an ancestor of Mr. Dreamy's, built this house in New Paltz, NY.

It still stands, much as it did back in his time.

We had a great time visiting, and talking, and remembering, and talking....
I'm ready for some quiet time now.
I'm all talked out! It's good to be back in 2016, in the here and now!


  1. This was fascinating time travel. How sad and fallen down your beautiful college looks today. Too bad no one bought and refurbished it. Nice to see you and Dreamy then and now.

    1. Very sad. Because of the terms of the trust that funded the college the building could not be sold.


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