Saturday, September 3, 2016

Quilt Some More

The best part of my trip to Manchester was visiting my BFF to take part in our own quilting retreat! I left Colorado in the wee hours of the morning. 

Iconic "Blue Mustang" who greets air travelers on the approach to the airport.
Do you see his eerie glowing eyes?
When I arrived Marjie and her husband had the family sewing room prepared, down to the smallest detail. Two large tables were pushed together in the center of the room and held two sewing machines and two large cutting mats with rotary cutters, scissors, rulers and scrap bags. Marjie raided her Halloween and fall fabric stash and had piles of fabric awaiting our scissors. There were magazines and patterns displayed around the room for inspiration. Within a short time of my arrival in the late afternoon, we were snipping and sewing. 

Even with time out for an excellent dinner at "Cotton",  a local "farm to table" restaurant, we had both settled on a pattern, and had begun sewing before the evening was over. 

The next day saw us back at the machines early in the morning, taking a break for breakfast prepared for us by Marjie's tolerant husband while we were sewing. We ventured out to visit "Keepsake Quilting", one of the Holy Grails of the quilting world, and a few other shops in the area. 

One of the quilt shops had an impressive collection of vintage sewing machines.
The owner has over 120 Singer Featherweights! Wow!
Upon our return we went back to sewing, only after showing off our purchases to the ever patient husband, who later delivered a glass of wine to me while I toiled at the machine. Perhaps not the best idea, but I didn't dump the wine and the only silly mistakes I made occurred when my sobriety was not at issue! Another break took us downtown Manchester, 10 minutes from Marjie's house, at most, to begin exploring the World Quilt New England show. Seeing all of the beautiful quilts was motivation to continue our own projects.

My tablecloth pieced and ready for quilting upon my arrival at home.
On the third day of our retreat we followed our morning of snipping and sewing with another go at the World Quilt show, and participated in a workshop to learn more about felting from Debora Konchinsky, who taught us the secrets of creating felted quilt wall hangings like her "Wooly Fish". 

A portion of Debora's wall hanging.

This is what I accomplished in the workshop. Some day I'll get back to it! I enjoyed felting and hope to incorporate it in some garments for my grandchild.

After we returned, guess what?! More sewing! 

The sewing continued, on and off, for a total of 4 1/2 days. We did a bit more shopping at local quilt shops, we looked at more quilts at the show, and checked out vendors there as well, and we did take breaks to eat and play with Marjie's adorable "Boss"ton Terriers. By the evening of day five, we laid out our projects: a "flimsy" (just the top of a quilt) for a Halloween themed throw, a loonnnggg table runner, quilted with the binding almost finished, a Halloween pillow, 4 pumpkin shaped quilted placemats, a Trick-or-Treat bag, a hat and a mug mat. Whew! We had a blast and can't wait to "retreat" again!

The next morning I was dropped at the Manchester, NH airport. I whisked through security and soon was on my way. A change of planes in Baltimore left me sitting on the runway waiting for thunderstorms to pass. And then I was in the air and on my way home.


  1. Good for you! What a great get away. I am going to a retreat at the end of the month...supposively to scrapbook but I have other projects I will do:)


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