Friday, July 1, 2016

'Ears to the Red, White & Blue

Tucker and I are twins. 
OK, so he has a bit more hair than I do... 
and he's skinny... 
and he barks...

Well, with the cold I've had I think Mr. Dreamy would say that I have been barking, so that may actually be a similarity!

I hate colds. I hate summer colds even more. This one laid me low. It came on suddenly. I was fine, then I had an elephant standing on my sinuses. I couldn't breathe! Ugh! I doctored the cold with OTC sinus meds containing acetaminophen, antihistamine and a decongestant. I managed. Then my ear stopped up. I couldn't hear. It hurt. Ouch! I won't go into all of the gory details, but I finally decided with the weekend coming, and a holiday at that, I better go try out my brand spanking new Red, White & Blue Medicare card, and have the ear checked out. It's infected. I'm hoping after the next antibiotic pill that my ear will begin to feel a bit better, and that I won't feel like I'm listening to the world while underwater!

Then there's Tucker. 
Poor guy.

Ear at half mast
 I don't know if I suddenly noticed the odd tilt to his head, and the semaphore message he was sending with his ears because of my discomfort; misery loves company, or something like that. Had I not looked at him during the past days because I was so miserable (guilt, guilt, guilt)? Maybe his condition just got to the point where he couldn't stand it (kinda like me).  I looked in his ear and it was nasty and red. I flushed it out with some ear cleaner. He didn't seem to feel any better later in the day. So, off to the vet with him. He has a yeast infection. I have ear drops and cleaner for his ear.

Even with my goopy ear I can still hear you, bunnies and deer!
I wish Tucker had his very own Red, White and Blue Medicare card. His visit to the doggie doctor was darned expensive!!!

Have a wonderful 4th of July! I hope everyone is healthy at your homes.


  1. Feel better soon, Tucker too of course. I'd prefer childbirth to what I know you're feeling.

    1. Thanks...things are a little bit better, for both of us.

  2. Poor you and poor Tucker. Chance gets ear problems easy especially after grooming I have to put mineral oil in his ears every week or so to keep infections at bay. Hope you can hear soon:)


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