Monday, July 4, 2016

Highway to Heaven

OK. So, I know you can't drive to Heaven, but driving through the Colorado mountains, and taking Trail Ridge Road (Rocky Mountain National Park), the highest paved road in any National Park, is just about as close as you can get. The road crests at 12,183 feet above sea level, and as one of my best friends said, "There is a postcard around every corner!"

Come along on the ride we Dreamers enjoyed for the 4th of July:

Over the first range of hills as we head west on I-70,
out of Golden, CO

I've always loved this corner as we squeeze around the mountain 
near Idaho Springs, CO. Still on I-70

Heading up. Wow, it looks like a long-ago avalanche plowed down the 
pines and cleared the way for a stand of Aspen to spring up. 

A bowl forming above the tree line.
It looks like a mining operation, but at this elevation, I don't think so!

We are winding our way up.
What a view. 

Another corner. Another postcard.
See the rays? We must be getting closer to Heaven!

A panoramic view near the top

I loved driving through this cut in the rocks.
Mr. Dreamy wondered why they didn't route the road over the top!

This looks like a simple hilltop. It isn't. It's over 11,000 feet in elevation.
The first thing to realize is that trees can't grow here. Other things don't grow well.
The grass is only about 4 inches high, if that. It doesn't grow much more. 
It doesn't grow fast. The biome is very fragile. 
But what is really cool about this picture is....
look closely. Zoom in. There is a herd of mama elk and babies!

Mr. Dreamy was sad that the 15'-20' snow banks near the top of
the road had melted since the road was opened over Memorial Day.
We saw a lot of people stopping to play in the snow.
They are probably living in Florida!

Just a pretty shot of some of the wild flowers we saw. 

There were a number of small waterfalls alone the way. 

This is a shot of my Minnie, enjoying the mountains!
I recently purchased a Mini Cooper. A dear friend sent us
a Minnie Mouse antenna bobber to dress up my car!

We stopped at the SE side of the park for a picnic lunch before
heading home. Storms were brewing over the peaks we had just driven.

This was our route.
I had no idea we were driving for over 5 hours....
until I stepped out of the car!


  1. How funny we were both exploring in our own backyards. I have been at the Continental Divide, which is at some 12,000 plus feet I believe. You live in a gorgeous state, thanks for sharing.

    1. I am learning that there is great beauty to be found anywhere. The continental divide is very interesting as you can find it in many areas at different elevations. it all depends on that point where water flows east or west

  2. Wow how beautiful! Did you see any Pika? They are my favorite! :)

  3. What fun and such a beautiful trip!! :)


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