Thursday, July 7, 2016

Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor...

We have all heard the US Postman's creed: "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." And, we probably all know that it isn't really an oath of the US Postal Service, although it is inscribed on the John Farley US Postal building in New York City. But in my mind one could always count on the USPS to get your mail from point A to point B, albeit a bit slower than we like on occasion. But total dereliction of duty?

I received this email notification yesterday morning. Sounds legitimate enough, but why, asked I (with my enquiring mind) was the postman unable to deliver my package?

Was it too large to fit in my mail box?


Was I not home to receive it if the guy wanted to put it in my hands?


Was it something that required special handling?


Curiouser and curiouser.

Mr. Dreamy wandered out to our mailbox to look for the aforementioned notice.  There was no notice in the box. There wasn't a slip of paper in there. Nothing.... except for two stamped letters I had placed in the box the previous morning so they could go on their way to destinations not so far away. The little flag, the one that tells Mr. Postman to stop and pick up outgoing mail, was upright. A silent sentinel keeping vigil over my documents. 

Curiouser and curiouser.

Mr. Dreamy wandered into town to the local Post Office to pick up the missing package, and to enquire as to why the postman was unable to deliver the package, and to enquire as to why the postman did not pick up our outgoing mail. And the reason? 

Are you ready for this?

The carrier quit!! In the middle of his rounds he apparently decided the heck with it, turned his little postal truck around, drove back to the post office, parked the truck in the back yard (still full of mail), walked into the inner sanctums of the office, proffered his keys and announced, 

"I Quit!"

How crazy is that? I hope the poor guy has some other job to fall back on. I am thinking he might not get very good recommendations from his former employer!

The outcome of the story from my point of view is that I did finally get my package, and thanks to the kindness of Mr. Dreamy,  my letters are on their way, and I had something I found to be a bit interesting to post on my blog today!


  1. Mystery solved by Mr. Dreamy.

  2. The Postal Service isn't too bad to work for, the guy must be an idiot...with the cost of healthcare to be without a job:(

  3. That's a new one. Though I do know a rural postal carrier. It was pretty rough till she got the hang of it

    1. You are right. We do seem to run through new carriers. It must not be the easiest of jobs, but to quit without finishing the day threw me for a loop!


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