Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sew Busy

Eight days.
That's all the time I had.
I had deadlines.
So, I got busy!
Looking back, I can't believe I accomplished all that I did. 

I returned from the quilting retreat at the Missouri Star Quilt Company on Tuesday, June 7. I had plane tickets to leave for San Francisco on Thursday, June 16. The days in between were filled with hours of sewing. I had a number of projects I wanted to take to San Francisco.

I made two reversible sunsuits for the granddaughter.

The wrap style top has an embroidered critter on each side.
I love the iguana on the top picture - 
just like in the wild, he blends in with the flowers!

The granddaughter celebrated her first birthday while we were in San Francisco.
She is a little monkey, 
so the sunsuit is perfect!

Some place I read about a simple table runner made from 2 1/2" strips of fabric,
sewn together, cut apart at different points, and then sewn back together.
This was a gift for my son and daughter-in-law.

This table runner in bright spring colors was a gift for my step-mother. 
The top of it was completed, I just had 
to piece the backing, quilt it, and finish the binding so I could take it over to her house.

While I was at the Missouri Star Quilt Company I picked up some 
"Charm" packs - bundles of 5" square fabric.
The colors were perfect for making a throw
as a 94th Birthday present for my mother-in-law.
I had the piecing completed before I left for California,
and in the two days between that trip and Mr. Dreamy's trip
to Florida, I put the border on, quilted the throw and bound it. 

Another gift finished!

It's been a busy time.


  1. Such cute outfits from your beautiful grand! How fun that you got to go for her first birthday! :)

    1. It was wonderful to see her, oh, and her parents! Sadly mom and baby were sick the whole time we were there. Poor little tyke didn't enjoy the picnic celebration her parents had arranged.


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