Sunday, October 7, 2012

Technical Difficulties

Dreaming is experiencing some technical challenges on the road. She wants to put up new posts with everything she is seeing, but the iPhone and iPad are not especially Blogger friendly when it comes to images. So, you will have to bear with her.
Yesterday was a highlight of my trip to Rochester, NY. I had the opportunity to literally crawl into my computer to visit a blog friend. Wouldn't that be a dreamy way of traveling? Mr. Dreamy and I went to The Skoog Farm and met Lori and Gary in person. Lori writes the Skoog Farm Journal. Many days Lori includes pictures of food on her blog, and the pictures look good enough to eat! We walked into her kitchen, and she didn't let me down! There was the food, just as I would have seen it on my computer! Hey, wait, you can come, too. Click on this link to see what I saw, and enjoyed. Our visit was wonderful. It felt like we were old friends...and we were, even though we have only met through our blogs. 
Thanks, Lori & Gary. We enjoyed our visit. 


  1. OH, how wonderful that you got to meet Lori and Gary, two people I admire so much because they really do know how to live right and get the most out of life.

  2. Cyndi and Scott, as I said was our pleasure to have you visit the farm. If only Inger could have been here for some of the pickled herring!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip and keep us posted!

  3. It must have been lovely to visit Skoog Farm.

  4. Wow! What fun you are having. Great visit to Skoogs Farm.

    We just returned from our family tour to San Francisco and Orange County. Was a shock to return on Saturday to 20F in Colorado.

  5. Hey if you are in Rochester, you can come to Ontario! LOL. I'm glad you had a great visit. I love meeting blog friends, it's so much fun! I understand the difficulties of posting pics on the road... so I for one, can accept being patient. For now... ;)


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