Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch: Reunions

Patrice hosted a High School reunion at her farm this weekend, and I attended my reunion , also at a farm - but since I didn't see Wendell there, it must have been a different reunion! And anyway, Wendell, I would have brought you carrots!

Patrice asked some interesting questions this week:

1. Do you like to have a variety of handbags, or are you happy with one old favorite?
I have a few pocketbooks - maybe a half-dozen - and all are quite small. I have never liked large purses and I am not "in to" designer bags.  Half the time I grab my license, a credit card, and a chapstick and stuff them in my pocket. 

2. Do you prefer to have your hair long or short?
I used to have long hair. I liked being able to tie it back or put it up, but I didn't like taking care of it.  I much prefer short hair when it comes to caring for it. I'd actually like having it shorter than it is right now, but Mr. Dreamy might object. 

3. Are you doing any crafts for fall?
I am not doing any crafts at the moment. I am on the road and didn't bring anything with me. 

4. What's your favorite sweetener to use?
I like the flavor of light brown sugar. Sometimes I use 'Sugar in the Raw' in my coffee as it has a hint of that flavor.

5. Tell me something interesting.
Would it interest you to know that I am writing this post on my iPhone? It isn't especially fun!

Visit Everyday Rurality to see more responses to Patrice's questions. 


  1. I must admit I admire you even attempting to do a post from your iphone. I would go nuts. :)

  2. Visiting from Ms. Patrice's chats. From you iPhone...I can only dream that I'll own one one day!!! ;-) HOPE you have a great day!!!

  3. Amazing....how easy some things are once we get the hang of it! Nice post!

  4. Wendell says he wished he'd been at your reunion, instead of being poked by small boys. How funny that you were at a farm reunion when we were having one. Great job posting from an iPhone! That must be hard. Thanks for joining in while you're gone. Have fun- be safe!

  5. I'll bet posting on your iPhone is easier than me posting on my Blackberry (I've done it, and no, it's no fun). Happy travels!

  6. I tend to carry tote bags to fit everything in and have extra room.

    Here's my chat:



  7. LOL about the iphone. I agree, short hair is so much easier to take care. My hair is very long, and I love wearing it up but it's a pain to take care of, but the other half would have a heart attack if I cut it. I hope you are having fun on the road!


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