Thursday, October 4, 2012

Not My Job

Mr. Dreamy had a tooth that wasn't feeling quite right.
He had recently had some work performed,
so he went back to Dr. Perio.

Dr. Perio took a look and said,
"It's not my job,
It's not something I do,
You'll have to see Dr. Endo instead."

So off he went to see Dr. Endo.
Dr. Endo did some tests and looked at x-rays
and declared that Mr. Dreamy needed a root canal.
He didn't let Mr. Dreamy hesitate.
He didn't let Mr. Dreamy go home and think about it...
He did it right away. Right then. Right there.

But, when it came to putting a permanent 'seal' on the
hole he had made to do the root canal he said,
"It's not my job,
It's not something I do,
You'll have to see Dr. Dentist instead."

So, off he went to see Dr. Dentist
to have a permanent repair made.

Does this seem odd to you?
All the dentists have had the same basic training.
Dr. Endo had to put a temporary seal on the tooth.
How hard would it be for him to
mix up permanent goo to put in a permanent filling at that time?

It seems like some sort of collusion to us.


  1. wow you went to quite a few places for 1 tooth???
    I hope it is feeling better :))

  2. That seems excessive. . .3 different dentists for one tooth! This just makes me dislike dental work even more!

  3. The tooth is fine but the wallet is much lighter. $1400 for the combined work.


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