Thursday, May 20, 2010

Twofer Today

What a fabulous day! I had the chance to ride both boys - no, not at once, although that would save considerably on time, maybe that should be a future foot on each! I mean, if Lorenzo can do it, why couldn't I? (You don't have to answer that question!)

Since we have had our third day of nice weather in a row, I decided I'd take Doc out for a ride on the roads and around our community's common property. We had gone just over a half mile when I saw some backdoor neighbors saddling up. I joined them and we rode for about 90 minutes. We did nothing more than a walk, but it was such a pleasure for Doc to have company along when cars went whizzing by, when dogs yipped from behind their fences, when the telephone man was noticed squatting next to a junction box, and then stood up, and when crossing some water - all of which he handled like a pro. He even took it in stride when some %&$-hole neighbor decided to speed up in his huge, noisy diesel truck while going past us. (Why do some people find perverse pleasure in trying to excite horses?)!
Then, after a break for some lunch and chores, I saddled Pippin. We did just a little round-pen work to make sure his head was in an 'OK' place, and then we set off with my son walking with us. My son had thought he might get a run in, but changed his mind, so we had a nice walk and talk. Pippin took a bit of exception to my son's gestures while talking, but finally relaxed enough to bring his head down and settle into a nice walk. The 'sitting on a powder keg' feeling finally left, or at least lurked below the surface and we all had a good time. We all relished in the arrival of's about time!


  1. Very cool!!! So glad your weather is cooperating!

  2. Definitely sounds like a fabulous day! Sounds like Doc was a champ. Your guys are just gorgeous! Happy spring!

  3. What a great day. I haven't seen the Lorenzo stunts before. The horses on the inside of the bunch have their ears pinned back as if they aren't terribly happy about being squished between other horses. I always wonder about what kind of training methods went into such stunts. Obviously, he needs to connect with the horses and have acrobatic skills, but I wonder how he trained them.


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