Saturday, May 1, 2010

By The Numbers: The Kentucky Derby

  •  1,480,000: top earnings held by Lookin At Lucky.
  • 150,000: the number spectators at the Kentucky Derby.
  • 554: the number of roses (not including the 'Crown Rose') that make up the Derby blanket, according to one source. 
  • 136: the number of years the Kentucky Derby has been run.
  • 126: the weight assigned to the jockey and his equipment for the Kentucky Derby.(Yeah, right. In my dreams! Just how much does that saddle weigh? How much would I need to lose?!)
  • 60: the number of long stem roses, tied in 10 yards of ribbon, presented to the winning jockey.
  • 40: the cost for general admission to Churchill Downs on Derby Day.
  • 22: number of horses in the field (but scratches may occur).
  • 6 1/2: the number of lengths Barbaro won the derby by - greatest amount in 60 years!
  • 2: the number of minutes the horses run for the roses.
  • 1.25: the number of miles the horses race.
  • 0: the number of Haflingers who have entered the Kentucky Derby.
Maybe next year we can get a Haflinger into the Derby field. It could look like this. Whadda ya think?!


    1. WHAT?? Me, RUN? No, thanks. I need food.

    2. Poco says: "I will, if a luncheon is provided."

    3. hahaha! Put the feed tub at the end of that 1.25 miles and watch our "race horses" run!

    4. Good luck with that! LOL

      oh, and I don't even want to think about what I'd have to lose to hit that 126 mark even without the tack.

    5. Once I stop laughing at that picture, I'll get to my point....

      Ok, I'm done now. Hysterical. Anyway, thank you so very much for your comment on my locoweed conundrum. Misery loves company! I'm going back out with my macro lens to see if I can get some clear shots of the hairs.

      The story about your neighbor was helpful, too. I know I worry too much, and my boys get enough supplemental hay that they probably won't mess with it when they've got 80 freakin' acres of grass out there they can eat instead, but the tiny chance that they might still gnaws at me.

      Are you pulling out your locoweed or spraying it?


    What thoughts do you have?

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