Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Top Twelve Things That Only Haflinger Horses Can Do

One day when I had nothing to do.....LOL
Maybe that should read, 'One day when I had tons to do, but didn't want to do anything on my long and growing list of things that gotta get done', I found myself procrastinating and poking around on the computer, link chasing - going from one blog to another. I landed on the Nayborly Farms Horse Training blog and stumbled on the following entry, which was a winning article in a 2003 essay contest. The list was created by Chesna Klimek of Nayborly Farms.

I couldn't help but laugh at Chesna's list of Haffie feats and skills, many of which I have witnessed and blogged about in the past!

Thank you, Chesna, for letting me share your list on my blog!

The Top Twelve Things That Only Haflinger Horses 
Can Do

12.   Only a Haflinger can gain weight by breathing.

11.   Only a Haflinger can keep their golden coats clean, while at the same time transforming their white manes and tails to black. 

10.   Only a Haflinger will climb over, under, through or between any type of fencing simply to get to the other side.

9.     Only a Haflinger can be measured in as a pony but wear horse-sized halters, blankets, shoes, and saddles.

8.     Only a Haflinger will learn to perform a trick in a matter of seconds for a cookie, and then a month later ask for a treat by bowing.

7.     Only a Haflinger can be dirty, fuzzy, and wet while also being completely adorable.

6.     Only a Haflinger is smart enough to learn all the wrong things we accidentally teach them as well as all the right.

5.     Only a Haflinger would believe that they are ten times bigger, faster, and better than a Belgian.

4.     Only a Haflinger will come cantering over to see you after you have been gone for a week.

3.     Only a Haflinger can get their riders to laugh so hard that they fall off from at the halt. 

2.     Only a Haflinger can bring about their owner's need of another and another and just one more?

And the number one thing that only Haflinger horses can do?

1.     Only a Haflinger can be so cute, so smart, eat so well, perform so well, have so much personality, and be such a Haflinger that it makes their owners happy every time they see them.

Do you know of other things that Haflingers are especially good at doing? How about your particular breed of horse?


  1. That is so funny! Just change all that to a Norwegian Fjord Horse and You have my life!!


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