Friday, May 7, 2010

Pippin's POV: Predator

My Mrs. Owner took me out with the 'Amish tractor' yesterday. She was going to have me drag harrow my pasture, but it seems that the receiver hitch wasn't put back on and she didn't want to take the time to do it. Humans can be so lazy! Anyway, she had me do a few circuits of the pasture and then took me out into the wild world behind my pasture. That can be a scary place, ask Doc, he knows all about it! It's even scarier when you are the only horse out there! At least when you have another horse with you, one can relax every once in a while. You don't have to watch out for everything in every possible direction all of the time!  The humans, even my Mrs. Owner, can be so lackadaisical about it. They just don't realize what all is out there and what harm could come to me or to them. 

Case in point, we start over the crest of a small hill and BAM! Watch out! It's a predator. I jumped up and down. I had to scare the predator away, ya know. It was a wimpy Wile E. Coyote. He jumped up and down. We both jumped up and down. Then he ran away. My Mrs. Owner said I was a good boy as I walked calmly on, albeit with a jaunty step to my stride because I was so proud to have been so brave in protecting her from that predator. If it weren't for me my Mrs. Owner could be coyote fodder right now! And then, who would feed me my hay?

My Mrs. Owner apologized for not getting a picture. She was holding onto my reins with both hands and was afraid to let go cause that predator might have gotten her then.  Silly. She should have known that I'd take care of her! Anyway, the wimpy Wile E. Coyote looked like this:


He had really big ears. The way he jumped, he looked like a jack rabbit!


  1. A yote trotted by our house then behind the barn Sunday afternoon. It was a skinny, scrawny thing. I think they are really hungry right now. Good boy Pippin, for protecting Mrs. Owner. You go gettum!

  2. Well, for Pete's sake!! You would think she would know better than to put you in mortal danger like that!! You have so many better things to eating, sleeping, eating.....


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