Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dear Diary: Deja View

May, 20, 2013

Dear Diary,

Today I walked into a delightful European marketplace in Cologne, Germany, as the tour guide prattled on. He mentioned the market is only used at Christmas. I had one of those surreal flashes in my brain, picturing booths with displays of European sweets and treats.  I could almost hear the high power tension z-z-z-zap that accompanies the colorful image that overlays that of the empty cobblestone plaza. I had been here before! This was really déjà vu.
My blog friend who writes A Horse Crazy American in Germany had previously shared blog posts about Cologne ( Many of the photos she shared were things I  now saw on my brief stop in Cologne.  
What fun to see it all come to life!



  1. Have a great time in Germany! It is a beautiful country, I've never been to Cologne, but Munich, Berlin, and the border near Salzburg was amazing. I hope you are taking lots of photos!

  2. What a wonderful vacay you are having in Cologne. Make the most of it and thank you for keeping this diary of your adventures for others who seek vicarious experiences:)

  3. Lucky you! Sounds like a blast.

  4. How awesome! Such beautiful things to see :)


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