Monday, July 29, 2019

Florida is Flat; On the Other Hand...

As much as I like to complain about having to walk the dogs it does get me out at least twice a day, and I get to see a lot of wonderful things. Here are just a few of the shots from this year:

Hey, Gypsy... what do you think we will see around the corner?
We see beautiful misty mornings....
And sniff snails crossing the trail.
And decorated camp sites.
We've seen mama and her twins.
And birds taking flight.
We've intimidated turtles.
We've seen the sun going down...
And we've seen the Denver skyline at night.
We generally go for a long walk in the morning, walking a few miles, and the evening walk is usually a bit shorter.

In Florida we circle in and out of the streets in our neighborhood, we traverse a few pedestrian bridges that cross small lagoons, and we walk along the Caloosahatchie River and through a lovely glade of trees. The greatest change in elevation is probably 3 feet, when I cross one of the bridges. Otherwise, the land is flat! Flat as a pancake!

When we are on the road we have the opportunity to see many new sites, smell new smells and walk new paths. Sometimes we simply walk around the campground. Other places we head out the gates to see what we can see. Recently we walked between a newly planted pecan grove and an older, established pistachio grove. We have walked around lakes and next to rivers. We've walked along highways and on mountain paths.

And now, we continue our morning and evening walks up and down the hills around our California home.
Tucker: Let's go up the hill!
Gypsy: Let's go down the hill!
I don't know about the dogs, but my legs are not used to this!

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