Wednesday, July 10, 2019

California Here I Come

We originally planed to leave our Florida home in May so we could enjoy spring in the Bay Area at our new home in Point Richmond. That didn't happen, as we were delayed by the wait for the truck windshield. Then, the Mister needed his annual blood-letting to determine if the Doctor could safely renew his prescriptions. One of his numbers came back outside of the normal range. His Doc wanted him to see a specialist... another few weeks of waiting... then the specialist wanted an MRI... another week of waiting... then the follow-up appointment... more waiting!
I decided that despite windshield woes and medical stuff going on... I was going to CA - without my guy. I hopped on a plane and enjoyed just over a week with grand kids, kids, friends and family, before returning to Florida... where all the medical results are good and we are finally ready to pack up and head back to CA!

Here's just a bit of what I did on my "vacation"...
  • I visited two different ukelele meet-up jam sessions with the "other grandmother"
  • I played with the kids
  • I went to the zoo with the kids and the other grandmother
  • I played Mahjong with my CA friends
  • I pulled weeds
  • I watched the Richmond fireworks on July 3 from the Red Oak Victory ship
  • I played ping-pong with a group at "Rigger's Loft" - a local winery
  • I enjoyed a few family dinners
  • I completed a quilt on the long arm
  • I watched ships go in and out of the harbor...
Here are a few pictures of my days in CA...

Nonna Holly joins in the Ukelele sing-along with a little help from Kellan
Alexis in imaginative play
Alexis in a contemplative mood
Kellan's first carousel ride at the Oakland Zoo
What a fantastic view of Oakland, SF Bay and San Francisco from the Oakland Zoo  gondola
Alexis chose the eagle on the carousel
Richmond fireworks celebrations from the Red Oak Victory Ship
Fun play in the back yard
Back yard looking east - BEFORE
Back Yard  looking West - BEFORE
Back yard looking East - AFTER weeding
Back yard looking West - AFTER Weeding
Ship coming into Richmond Harbor as viewed from the kitchen

Now it's time to pack up and put away... and get on the road for adventures as we head west.

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