Thursday, April 6, 2017

Fix It

We are heading home. Finally! Well, to be honest, we are heading home with a number of stops along the way. It will be a while before we are seriously on our way!
First, we are leaving our new piece of paradise at RiverBend to attend a Tiffin RV Rally at Lake Okeechobee, FL. One nice thing about the Tiffin rallies is that they bring a service crew in to fix  three minor things on each motorhome. So, a few weeks before the rally Mr. Dreamy and I looked around to find three things.

We had to look... 
and think about it!

After the experience we had with our previous motorhome, this is a novel experience.

OK, we have a blind that isn't working. That's one.

Hmmmm..... Think. Think. Think!

Do you think the LED light strip over the door awning is sagging a bit?

Think. Think. Think!

We are missing a screw cover in the closet.

And, so it went. We couldn't find much to be fixed at all.

I guess our motorhome understands our thinking and our conversations.

Suddenly, the water and tank gauges stopped reading levels accurately.

Then, an edge of the counter simply fell over.

Next a light cover fell off, in the wee hours of the morning when nothing was touching it.

Then something else went awry. Something that is really worthy of being fixed by the Tiffin crew. But... do you think either of us can remember what that thing is?! No!

Do you suppose they can fix my brain?!

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