Sunday, February 5, 2017

Raise the Roof

If you don't own a Tiffin motorhome then you might not understand "Red Bay". Red Bay is Tiffin's service center. They accommodate many RV's and conduct repairs of all sorts in their 50+ service bays. Mr. Dreamy feels that if something needs to be done, we are better off heading to Red Bay where there are warehouses of parts, technicians that work on nothing but Tiffin motorhomes, and engineers just down the road at the factory.

Generally when one arrives at Red Bay you are assigned a number and you wait, sometimes 3 or more weeks, for your number to come up. So, it was quite a shock to arrive at Red Bay on the afternoon of Dec. 21 and to be in the service bay at 7 AM the next morning. Even more of a shock, we had 4 teams of technicians working on our motorhome. It seems that most people had given up and gone on to wherever it is they were going for Christmas, and there were more technician teams than there were motorhomes that needed to be serviced.

One team addressed an issue we had with the blinds on our passenger side window. 

A technician worked on caulking in our sink. 

Another team addressed issues we had with the cruise control.

And, one team raised the roof. 
We had trouble with the bathroom door flying open as we motored down the road.
It turns out that there was a gap between the door and the wall.
A gap that got larger as you looked down the wall.
As we trundled down the road, bumps would cause the latch to disengage,
thus allowing the door to open and smash into the refrigerator.

The back wall had moved, or more likely, had never been in the right location.
The fix?
Jack the roof up, and push the wall forward!

The holes in the floor are where the wall had originally been anchored to the floor. 
The holes were covered by a piece of trim,
and now everything works wonderfully!


  1. You have had good luck getting all the little things fixed at that place! Good for you!

    1. One of the reasons we bought a Tiffin product is for this very reason. Tiffin stands behind their product and takes care of their customers. It isn't always convenient, but it is always an experience!


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