Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Leaky Lady

We have had recurring problems in the motorhome with our antifreeze leaking. Shortly after we bought the motorhome, we discovered a pink puddle under it. We had that fixed. Then, just before we left on the winter trip, we noticed it was leaking from a different area. We had that fixed. When we parked in Florida, we discovered a puddle under the motorhome. Another leak!

A puddle is not always a good thing!
We called a mobile repair tech and he arrived at 9:30 PM one night. He pointed his flashlight here and there and located the leak.... perhaps I should say "leaks"! Our motorhome was worse than an old lady. She was leaking fluids from multiple orifices, and she wasn't even sneezing! (Only those of you over a certain age might understand that comment.) The techie went on his way, promising to come back later to put things back to rights.

Normally fluid surrounds the red line,
at least half way up the gauge.
A week later he returned with a buddy to attack the issue. They crawled under the motorhome and using suction glass carriers that Mr. Dreamy purchased, they lifted the access panel to the engine. They tightened a clamp that was allowing antifreeze to leak, an oil filter that was not tightened properly when our oil was changed, and another clamp at a fuel filter.

The engine, as seen from above.
Knock on wood, all is dry!


  1. Have you decided where you are going to live yet?

    1. We bought the lot near Ft. Myers. That will be our winter "home". We will be putting our Colorado home on the market (sadly) and will explore areas closer to our son in California for a second home.


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