Sunday, February 26, 2017

Naples Botanical Garden

We visited the Naples Botanical Garden on a perfectly lovely winter day in Naples, FL. The garden was begun in 2008 and opened the following year. It is amazing to see how finished the gardens look, given that the oldest sections were planted only 9 years ago, and the most recent garden was just opened to the public. Along with sunshine, soft breezes, beautiful orchids, succulents, palms, exotic shrubs and native plants, the garden was peppered with large origami creations by Kevin Box. Each creation had the perfect setting and backdrop. The garden has a cafeteria with amazing food. We enjoyed a lunch sitting on a patio overlooking the pond, and later picked out Birthday gifts at the shop for Mr. Dreamy: a "pipe" egret, an alligator fern and a pretty pot.

Come along on a walk with me....

I'm glad you could come along.
We will be going back to the garden, for sure. Now that we have a tiny piece of land, we will use some of the plantings as inspiration for landscaping. I can't wait!

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