Thursday, January 19, 2017


All over the Hawaiian islands we saw jewelry stores advertising pearl oysters. For only $15.95 you could select an oyster. It would be opened, and you would get the pearl. The oysters most likely come from China, and the origin of the pearl is debatable. It could be that the pearls are fresh water pearls that are inserted into the oyster, which closes as a result of a chemical, and is then preserved, or possibly they truly are cultured pearls from that oyster.

The ship had a pearl in the oyster deal as well. They had a nifty chart showing how cultured pearls are created. A round bead made from a mollusk shell is inserted into an oyster, along with a piece of mantle from another mollusk that stimulates the oyster to produce mother of pearl. This coats the bead and it grows in size with layer after layer of "pearl".

Mr. Dreamy found a Koa wood ring on the ship that he wanted to buy. Koa wood is an Hawaiian wood. The ship had a special deal. Oh... such a deal! If you bought a piece of jewelry above a certain price, then you could pick an oyster and get a pearl. Mr. Dreamy let me pick the oyster. We had to perform some mumbo-jumbo as part of the ritual of "birthing a pearl". Then, the oyster shell was opened.

The oyster was poked and prodded to give up its pearl. 

The pearl is rubbed in salt to clean it, and dried off.

My pearl was blue. I want to think it is special, but in reality, it probably was cultured by a fresh water oyster, influenced by some sort of chemical. But, that's OK. I like my blue pearl. 

So, what is one to do with a pearl? 
Well, buy a setting for it, naturally!
I chose a sea turtle pendant that encases the pearl.

And, since I bought a piece of jewelry over a certain price,
guess what?
I get to pick another oyster!!

This time I "birthed" twins.
I have always wanted pearl earrings....
(The pearls are stabilized after being drilled and glued on a post on the earrings.
The tape was removed the next day.)
And, since I bought a piece of jewelry over a certain price....
guess what?
I get to pick another oyster!!

This could go on all night! 
I did pick an oyster and birthed a pink pearl.
It is sitting in a little plastic bag.
Enough is enough, said Dreaming!


  1. What no necklace? Enjoy your jewelry! :)

  2. LOL! I could see right where all those deals were heading! I always enjoy your informative posts, Dreaming. Two more nights in Riverview, and then we'll be slowly heading home. Hope all is well with you!


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