Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Deja View

An alternative title for this post could be "Oops, We Did it Again!"

A few weeks ago Mr. Dreamy took the motorhome to our local service center. On the way he "caught" a stone thrown from the vehicle in front of him. The stone hit the very edge of the windshield and left a nasty stone bruise. Shortly after, it began to "walk" and we ended up with a crack beginning to run across the windshield. Could we have driven it longer before replacing it? Certainly. Would it crack all the way across at the worst possible place or time? Possibly. So, while we were in Red Bay, AL where these beasts are built, we decided to get the windshield replaced. It was simply a matter of convenience.

When you consider that the windshield is over 5 feet tall and 102" wide, changing it out is quite a process. Add to that the fact that the glass is glued in and requires a two-step process with drying time in between. So, here we sit, waiting for the first layer of goo to dry. 

I didn't watch the process this time. I have "been there and done that". I have the t shirt! Two years ago, with a different motorhome, we had almost the same thing happen. I chronicled the replacement process here: http://livingadream2.blogspot.com/2014/02/oh-crap-crack.html

Not much has changed, except,the view!

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  1. Better to take care of the crack while it was convenient to do so! You never know what might have happened or where if you didn't! we're currently staying in Riverview RV Resort in Bullhead City. No RV ~ That won't happen for us, but we've rented a Park Model Trailer and are having lots of fun!


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