Sunday, December 18, 2016

Views on the Move in Hawaii

Our son suggested that we go somewhere, as a family, for Thanksgiving. He chose Maui.... a great choice! We Dreamers have never visited the islands, so planned to go a bit early to get a feel for the place. First we planned visits to Oahu and Hawaii for a few days each. Then, we realized we could do a cruise around the islands and see even more, and not have to lug suitcases. So off we flew....

Molokai from the air, on our way to the Honolulu airport.
A welcome sight after a long flight.

Honolulu from the air

Pretty pool from the 16th floor.
It reminds me of the turtle bowl I had as a kid!

Sunrise in Waikiki

Waving goodbye to Honolulu from the deck of the cruise ship.

Carmen made sure our cabin was clean,
and created critters to greet us each evening.

Life on deck was dreamy! 
I even took some time to relax! This is my view from the deck in Maui.

The "super" moon as viewed from the deck

Lava flowing into the sea from Kilauea

We had to use tenders in Kona. The waters around the islands are a rich, deep blue!

The breakwater as we come into Hilo

A drizzly view of the Na Pali coast on Kauai

A rainbow shines on our last morning on the cruise ship

I caught a view of our ship from the air and felt a hint of melancholy.
Good-bye. It was fun.
Now.... onto the next adventure!


  1. I had that same turtle bowl! Poor turtles. I went to Hawaii years and years another lifetime. And I remember it being gorgeous. What a great idea to cruise it! I could use some of that tropical weather right now. -7 here at the moment. Merry Christmas!


  2. Life is looking very good! What a trip!


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