Monday, December 5, 2016


Our granddaughter lives in San Francisco. We live in Colorado. It isn't always easy to hop on over to Frisco for a visit. So, our son does the next best thing by taking advantage of today's technologies to FaceTime with us. We get to see Alexis, and she gets to see us.

I have been amazed at how interactive the FaceTime sessions can be. Alexis truly connects with me through the screen. One time when she was about 15 months old, she had something in her hand. I asked about it and my son explained that it was her doll's hat. I told Alexis to get her doll and put the hat on it. She wandered off and came back into screen range with her doll and tried to do just that - Dad had to complete the task for her!

Another time my son tuned in while Alexis was finishing her dinner. I mentioned that I was hungry, too. Alexis held out some food and I moved toward the camera as if I was going to take a bite. The next thing we knew, Alexis placed an apple near the screen for me to eat! My daughter-in-law took a picture to show me what was happening off camera!

Recently we all got together for Thanksgiving. It appears that the FaceTime experience transfers to real life. Alexis, now 17 months old, showed no hesitation in coming right up to me. I am so thankful that the technology gives me a window on her daily life!

Alexis at Thanksgiving.... RealTime.


  1. Do you read her books? Buy two books send her one to look at while you read!! Grandma time can be so much fun!! My husband likes Facetime too he can visit with his sister! :)

    1. I love the book idea. I had thought to read to her, but had not thought of letting her have a copy, too. Thanks for the excellent suggestion!

  2. My daughter FT's whenever I have the boys, Kennedy loves seeing her cousins. Like you noticed, they all already know one another when trips are made. Her husband is on deployment right now. They happened to be doing FT, when Kennedy took her first steps. Hooray for technology!

    1. Knowing how I feel, seeing my granddaughter doing things, it must be amazing for deployed dads and moms to connect with their loved ones.


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