Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Checking On the Cats

Bob has been hanging around. I see him from a distance almost daily. He likes to rub against Malachi while Malachi tries to eat his hay. He stretches out in the sun along the fence line, ready to dash into the barn if he feels threatened. Occasionally he will peek out of a niche while I am in the barn.

I was curious if Dodger had returned so I set up my spy camera one more time. And, here are a few shots showing what I caught:

Here's Bob:

Bob is all black. 

Here's Freddie(the Freeloader):

I was thrilled to see that our visiting cat is still visiting.
I don't see him around the barn, so maybe he only comes by for food.
Recently when we had some snow I saw kitty prints heading across 
the street. Perhaps this is Freddie(the Freeloader)'s home. 

And look who also came for dinner!
It must be Dodger, our missing gray tabby:

He's back!!!

Well, maybe not!
It seems we have another freeloader!

Meet Rocky, the latest member of our barn clan!


  1. Oh my, not someone I'd care to have freeloading in the barn!

    1. I share your thoughts. I have moved the food out of Rocky's reach. Hopefully he will move on

  2. A coon, they can carry rabies so we always steer clear of them :(

    1. You are so smart. I am hoping that Rocky decides to move on now that I have moved the food out of his reach.

  3. Oh goodness, let's hope Rocky doesn't like to eat kitty cats! Yikes, hope he's friendly.


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