Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunny Sunday

At least it began that way!

Lovely poppies and iris, some that were mangled by Friday's hail

I love having horses here and heading down to the barn in the morning, even before my brain is in gear and my body has fully awoken. The birds' songs cheer me and make me smile.

I fill Malachi's tub; a scoop of oat bran, a scoop of Sr. feed, two measures of weight stuff, one measure of digestive stuff and a bit more beet pulp than yesterday.

Malachi humming, "Should I Stay or Should I Go Now"

I check on the progress of the baby pigeons whose mom chose to use the feed bin in the stall we use for storage as her nest. Lord knows, we don't need more, but they are God's creatures, too!

May 30 - just hatched

This morning - 8 days old

I have to bring Malachi out of the paddock, away from his herd. 

The herd, looking longingly at Malachi's food.

I don't tie Malachi anymore. When he has licked his tub clean he wanders off and works on mowing our yard. Until our spate of afternoon storms came I had been working on cleaning out the garage end of the barn while Malachi ate. But now, the truck is wedged in there to keep it safe from hail - and I'm too lazy to move it out and move it back. It seems like a good excuse not to tackle the mess in the garage!

We have been having wicked storms in the afternoon. On Friday I received four alerts on my cell phone about tornado warnings, suggesting I seek shelter immediately. The sirens from the town north of us wailed on and off most of the afternoon. I was sewing in the basement. I was sheltered. Gypsy sought to comfort me by burrowing under my feet. The pounding of the rain and hail was unsettling.

Hail from the first storm on Friday afternoon

Our reward after the storms were over.
Why is it that the pot of gold is never in our yard?!

Oh, wait...
it must be here somewhere.
Life is good!


  1. Beautiful rainbow! Your Poppies are so pretty paired with the White Iris:)

    1. The poppies and Iris are one of my favorite things about this garden. What a happy accident, Glad you can enjoy them from afar.

  2. Wow, that's a lot of hail! Glad you have a safe basement to go to. We are still living in our basement, so we have been safe too. This has been a weird spring weather wise. It's been like the tropics. Rain one minute, then sunny not long after. No rainbows like that though! Beautiful!
    Cindy Bee

    1. I hate to tell you that in subsequent storms we had even more hail! This area gets a lot in the spring. I have to stop at your blog to check progress - I have been ignoring blossom for too long!


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