Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Emphasis on Breakfast

My son, daughter-in-law and their new baby live in a San Francisco-style condominium. Small. Their place is so small that before baby arrived, they hired a planner who specializes in helping people utilize their space more efficiently. Suffice it to say, unless we want to be very cozy with the new family, we can't stay there! 
Sadly, lodging in San Francisco is not convenient to my son's home, nor cheap. Heck, even the Travelodge advertised as a "cheap" hotel is $170/night! So, as hard as it is, we bite the bullet and stay at a delightful Bed and Breakfast establishment about a quarter mile from the new family. The bed part is nice. The rooms are lovely, with beautiful antiques and bric a brac, in a beautiful victorian San Francisco home. But it is the breakfasts that won me over...

The large round table in the dining room can seat up to 10 guests.

Each morning, the table is set with beautiful hand-made china.
A bowl of yummy berries, hot coffee or tea, and juice awaits.

When you finish your berries,
the breakfast arrives.

 Each day it is different.
Here are our breakfasts from our most recent trip:

Poached eggs on Black Forest ham
over a fresh Brioche from a local bakery.
Spinach & mushroom quiche, sausage
and Tartine's sour dough bread.
Asparagus and cheese bread pudding,
spinach salad and more yummy bread.
Goat cheese shuffle, home made croissant
and... sour dough bread.
Sour dough waffles (using the starter that originally belonged to the
proprietor's father) with fresh fruit, whipped cream and bacon.
the diet begins tomorrow.

Breakfast will not be much of an eye opener around here!


  1. What divine breakfasts, and good you found that B&B near your relatives' home.

    1. Ah, divine is the perfect word to describe them!

  2. You read my post, I'm trying to create some joy in my new life. And look at all this! It's like an inspiration board for joy creating! And I have so many antique cups, cream pitchers, and little plates and bowls. They just stay in the china cabinet and never get used. Thank you so much my Dreamig friend for this wonderful post.

    1. Inger, I am glad I could bring some joy to you. Yes! Get those cute dishes out. Enjoy them. Brighten up your day!

  3. Well that is one way to start your day! :)

    1. It is a mighty fine way to begin the day... but, not if I'm cooking!!!

  4. What a wonderful find! I love to cook, but I'd be tickled just to not have to wash those dishes ;o)

    1. Oh, I agree! However, since we cooked lunch and dinner for our son and his wife for a week... I'm ready NOT to cook for a while. But... I guess if we are going to eat....


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