Monday, June 8, 2015

Bunny in the Well

I went down to the basement to finish the quilting on my latest project. This is a "sampler" quilt created from strips of 20 different coordinating fabrics (available as a roll at quilt shops). All I have left to do is the hand sewing on the binding.... oh, and painstakingly picking off tiny pieces of fluff from the batting that seem to have found their way all over the quilt.

As I began to work, I heard a funny sound. At first I thought it was more hail. But, the sun was shining. The sound stopped. Then it began again.

I walked over to the window and saw a darling bunny in the well. Poor thing. He probably fell in there trying to outrace the rain... or Tucker!

Although the bunnies are a nuisance, I couldn't stand by and let him starve. So, the rescue mission began. Mr. Dreamy came down to help. First, he tried enticing the bunny into a 5 gallon bucket.

The nimble, scared-out-of-his-mind bunny was pretty fast and eluded the stick and the bucket. Had it not been for the screen, he would have been living in our basement!

I created a make-shift net and was able to snare him. I lifted him out of the well, and before I could get a picture, he scampered off to live another day... and partake in the goodies in my garden!

Dreaming puts pencil to paper to see what she can draw...
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