Sunday, January 19, 2014

Thank You, George

Before the holidays we Dreamers were invited to a Panini Party. Each invitee was asked to bring something to put on a panini sandwich. We brought some ham, Brie cheese and a garlic mustard. Other folks brought pears, roast beef, turkey, cheddar cheese, olives, chutney, tomatoes.... gosh, I can't remember any more. The hostess provided a variety of breads. She had two panini presses and we had a great time crafting different sorts of sandwiches and sharing them. (Thanks, Christine, it was a great party!)
Mr. Dreamy loved it and decided he wanted to have panini sandwiches at home. We looked at a variety of panini presses, but they were all a bit larger and/or heavier than we cared to have on the coach. One day, while shopping at a major discount-found-almost-everywhere-big-box-chain-store, we happened upon a tiny George Foreman grill.
It was not exactly what we were looking for... but it was small, it was light and it was c-h-e-a-p! We walked out with the grill. We have used it almost daily since then! It was the best $17.92 we ever spent!  We have made our share of grilled sandwiches... I guess you could call them paninis. Additionally we have used it to grill chicken, pork chops, steak and burgers. They all come out great! Thanks, George!

My favorite sandwich (so far):
  • Ciabetta cut to an appropriate sandwich size and split
  • Sharp provolone cut in thin strips (I used Bel Gioioso brand)
  • Onion relish
  • Smoked turkey breast
  • Dijon mustard
I lightly spread mayonnaise on the outside of the bread and toast it in my grill. It's dreamy!

A panini restaurant I used to visit served a sandwich with pulled pork, pears and brie. That was yummy, too. I guess for me, anything with melted cheese is a winner! What about you? Do you have a favorite sandwich?


  1. Reuben! I also love George's grills. I don't know how we did without one.

  2. Anything with melted cheese is a winner. Thanks for the recommendation. I've been debated whether or not to purchase a press.


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