Saturday, January 25, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Inside

One would think we would be snug as bugs in a rug in our motorhome. Wrong! Despite having two propane heaters, the motorhome has numerous holes and gaps that allow the frigid air to swirl inside and wrap around our ankles, and send tendrils to strangle our necks, and seek out any gaps in clothing so it can fiendishly tickle us with frosty cold. (That was one heck of a run-on sentence. Seems the cold may have addled my brain, as well. But, I was having fun with the imagery - what else is there to do?!)

We have a handheld infrared surface temperature thermometer. The other night, when it was in the 20's outside, I discovered that the floor near one of the bedroom slideouts was 36. That slideout has since been shut and heat loss, or perhaps more aptly,  cold gain, was only measured at 50.

When we visit campgrounds there are often semi-permanent motorhomes or trailers on site. I have noticed that many of them have insulated panels over their windows. Now I understand! The windows are all single pane, and several have a slight gap where the window opens. Brrr!

Yesterday morning it was 6 just before I took the pups out at 6:00 AM. Brrrr! While we were out walking the temperatures quickly rose to 8. Whew! A veritable heat wave!

May I remind you that we are in Red Bay, AL. AL stands for Alabama, as in 'The south'. It isn't supposed to get that cold down here. Not for more than "once in a great while".

We filled up with propane on Friday, having burned more in one week than we have ever burned in two or three weeks in the past. Mr. Dreamy overheard the manager telling a customer that he could only deliver half of the normal amount as his supplies were limited. Evidently, with all of the very cold temperatures throughout the US, heating fuels are becoming a bit harder to get. How scary.

And, it doesn't look like it is going to improve anytime soon. This is what we will experience this week. So many homes in this area, like our motorhome, were not built to withstand these temperatures. Having lived in the south, we know. Our first home predated the Civil War. It had only the least bit of insulation, substandard wiring, exposed water pipes under the home, and gas space heaters in only half the rooms as the sole source of heat. 

Hopefully temperatures will improve after Wednesday, and the rest of winter will be more typical for the area. 

I really shouldn't whine. I have no right. I am living a life many would love, traveling around in a motorhome, seeing lots of things and enjoying a lifestyle I would never have imagined I would live.  Depending on repairs, we may be able to leave as early as Tuesday. We're wondering just how far south we will have to go to get out of this cold. Hmmm, Cancun?


  1. LP shortage up here, but we should be good through spring...hopefully unless this is the coming of the ice age. Sorry you are cold when you should be basking in warmth! :)

  2. Good you figured out some of the ways your RV was losing heat, that hand held device is useful. Stay warm in Alabama. It is 68 here in California, but we worry about drought.

    1. Nice temp! But... I understand the drought concerns - as my home is in Colorado where we watch for clouds, and then feel disappointment when they don't 'deliver'!

  3. Come to California!! (And if you can lasso a lot of rain clouds and tow them our way, that'd be great)

    1. I understand wanting that rain. For years we watched clouds come towards us in Colorado, only to heave huge sighs as the clouds went north or south of us... or didn't produce rain at all. Sigh...

  4. Hi Dreaming! Thank you for your kind well wishes! I'm definitely on the mend now! So sorry you're shivering in the cold, cold! Burrr! Maybe you can use Tucker and Gypsy as foot warmers! I'm microwaving these seed-filled teddybears and stuffing them in our bed at night. It's been cold here too ~ but enough already for Alabama! I'll be heading over to check out your latest painting(s) tomorrow! Can't wait to see them!

  5. When you come back to Colorado please bring snow and water to our mountains....please!


  6. The South has turned into a scary place with this arctic cold. Stay safe, stay warm, OK. It is raining in California by the way.


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