Saturday, April 14, 2012

Knock the Stuffing Out

...get the sh** kicked out of you
...knock the starch out of
...beat the living daylights out of
...get beat to a pulp
...kick the hell out of
...knock the socks off
...beat the tar out of

Gosh, there are a lot of ways to say the same thing!

Tucker tussled with Pippin. 
Pippin, being larger, 
but not necessarily bolder, 
got the upper hand - 
or should I say hoof?

Tucker is fine, but he was put in his place for a few hours. He stayed far away from the horses... well, until the next morning, when he was back at it, trying to 'move' the horses! After he was kicked, or bitten... I'm not exactly sure what happened,  he skulked around, like a dog who.... had the stuffing knocked out of him! Here he's looking at Pippin, from a safe vantage point behind the fence. Hmmm.... I wonder what he is saying?!

The first picture is Phineus. That's Tucker's favorite stuffed - er, perhaps I should say 'destuffed' animal. Phineus had the stuffing knocked out of him, too! Phineus was a present given to Tucker when he was 8 weeks old - Tucker just turned two. Tucker still plays with the tatters!


  1. Isn't it interesting how animals play "king of the hill" just as do humans of all ages (although more "mature" humans probably call it something else). Our kitten constantly challenges our older (and much larger) cat. To date, the cat has won all rounds.


  2. Oh Tucker, that's a dangerous game. Stick with Phineus, please.

  3. Glad Tucker seems ok!
    Cooper tried to herd the horses once. . .they were not down and turned on him! Maybe that's why he didn't want to get out of the car last time I took him to the barn. . .

  4. Looks like Tucker is reflecting on what happened. He just wanted a job to do. Too bad Pippin fired him.


  5. Poor Tucker. We just replaced Midge's favorite stuffed animal "Ellie", which was a stuffed elephant that she de-stuffed. Now she's got a rabbit with two squeakers, one in the head and one in the belly, plus four legs that are perfect for tug-of-war. The salesman in the store tried to talk me out of buying the bunny, because he said we should just let Midge shred Ellie until nothing is left. She'll choke on the stuffing, though.

  6. Young dogs learning what old dogs know. Sometimes so painful. Just like with people....sometimes just so painful!


  7. LOL Douglas has one of those de stuffed toys he absolutely loves too! :) I'm glad Tucker is alright and hopefully he won't be doing that again!

  8. Oh poor Tucker having to learn the hard way. I hope he will be okay. He has loved that toy to smithereens:)

  9. Goodness! Our little neighbor girl (who we ride with a lot) always brings her border collie with her when she rides over to our farm, and the dog accompanies us on trail rides. That poor dog battles its instincts the WHOLE time we ride. I can tell he wants to herd the horses, but he knows better ever since he tried nipping at my mare's hooves. =( Glad Tucker is ok!

  10. Poor Tucker. I hope he remembers to duck and dodge a little faster next time. Was Phineus a frog? We've had a few of those toys-to-tatters here. They are well enjoyed.

  11. Poor Tucker. Not sure why but, Onyx has always just seemed to naturally understand horse language.
    We have several dead toy carcusses laying about our house. The dogs never tire of playing with those.


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