Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday's Treasures: Tulips

Last year we ordered tulip bulbs

We prepared a bed and planted them. 

It was worth every penny spent
and every minute that we worked!

Like chips or cookies....
and other good things....
I want more!


  1. Very beautiful! I am not a big flower person (I can't seem to keep them alive!), but I love tulips! Yours are gorgeous!

  2. Just gorgeous! I used to have a lot of tulips, sadly the squirrels think their very tasty!

  3. Beautiful display! Will you remove bulbs later this spring to be divided & re-planted next fall/winter or are these flowers in their permanent location?


  4. Wow! That's wonderful! The only bulb that thrives for us is daffodils. I think the stinkin' ground squirrels eat the others.

  5. Your tulips look beautiful. Love the color!


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