Monday, November 8, 2010

A Pallet of Pellets

Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
But the bedding in the stall is delightful,
And since you're too wimpy to ride
We'll stay inside, stay inside, stay inside!

Oh a sad day week is coming. Our beautiful fall is at it's end.
Here is what the weather forecasters have to say about the next few days:

Tonight I made the boys' beds. They are both relaxing in stalls that have that wonderful clean pine scent that comes with fresh bedding.  Last year I purchased a pallet of wood pellets to use as bedding for my horses. I used the bedding through most of the winter and still had almost half of the pallet left. Doc rarely needed anything done with his stall as he prefers to do his business outside, and unless it is really blowing, both horses have an open door into their paddocks. Pippin, on the other hand, will in short order have a stall that looks like butter has been cut into flour to make biscuits. He not only messes in his stall, but then compounds the problem by spending the night walking around in circles mashing the poop into the sawdust and breaking it into tiny, sawdust covered pieces.Arghhh! I debated leaving both boys without bedding, but with the cold weather coming I just couldn't do it. I'd like to think that when it gets really cold they will curl up in their stalls and snuggle into the nice, clean, fluffy bedding all around.


  1. Guess we think alike, I just brought a pallet in Sat. Our weather is supposed to be awesome this week. Unfortunaly, I had a wreck and have to wait for my new helmet before I ride again.

  2. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about your wreck. Are you OK? I'm glad, though' that you won't ride without a helmet. That is one of my 'must have's when I ride. My helmet needs to be replaced, not because it has gone through a crash, but because something got on it and made it sticky. Now i look pretty strange with a disgustingly dirty helmet that has bits of this and that stuck on it!

  3. Bye bye beautiful Fall weather.

    I love the pine pellets. They last a long time and the stalls smell better and I find I use very little of my stall refresher. I used to put Sweet PDZ on the urine spots daily when using shavings, but with the pellets, I've used it maybe once or twice all summer.

  4. Nice little jingle! Always rewarding and appreciated, to put fresh bedding down. It makes me feel better too, knowing the horses have it to take comfort in when the weather is less then ideal.

  5. We have a week forecast w/ temps in the 70s...but I'm sure we'll pay for it later with cold, cold, cold and lots of nasty ice.

  6. You're a good mamma! I feel for you... we're having our first really cold night tonight. While Don and I and the dogs are warm and snug in the house, I just hate having the boys outside. I can't help it - I hate being cold and don't want anyone else having to be cold either. :)

  7. Oh BRRR; glad I'm not at your house! You know what though? It's kinda funny that your highs are our lows here in the South :o)

  8. ooooooh i love it when my forecast says this!!! (so sue me!)
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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