Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pippins POV: It was just the tiniest of bucks!

My Mrs. Owner captured Doc and me. She tied us up and made my skin all twitchy and tingly with the brush. Unless you live in a very dry climate, you have no idea of the slightly uncomfortable effects of a brush running through long Haffie hair causing static build-up and discharge. 




Then my Mrs. Owner came out with the black spaghetti contraption. I haven't seen it in ages. She put it on piece by piece. She tugged here. She pulled there. She made disparaging comments about my collar not fitting very well. Hmmmm, it seems that my neck has grown. I'm thinking I do look more magnificently and manly muscled than previously. 

My Mrs. Owner said it was fat.

After standing around for a while she took me to the place where I can go around and around and around. 
It was windy. 
There was a bit of a chill in the air. 
I haven't been out doing things with my Mrs. Owner in days.

At her signal I jumped ever so slightly and began a brisk trot.
trot - kick - trot - trot - kick - trot
what is that thing that keeps tapping me on my 
gluteus gelatinous maximus? 
trot - kick - hop - buck - kick - buck!


  1. Awww Pippin... bucking while in harness is not nice, not to mention the naughty kicks. You could have hit your Mrs. Owner then what?

  2. Poor Pippin. Next time Owner should probably tell you how handsome you are. Then you wouldn't feel the need to act up maybe?

  3. Pippin, were you trying to work off some of that "gluteus gelatinous maximus" with those leg lifts? Maybe we should start a cardio group. I seem to be packing on the pounds too - gettin' ready to hibernate. Misty


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