Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pippin's Point of View: Brand Inspection

The Brand Inspector came to see us yesterday. I was a little confused at first. I looked on my left flank and looked on my right flank and I couldn't see any brands. So, what would he inspect? I was a bit afraid thinking that if I couldn't see a brand, maybe I was going to get one. I think getting a brand would hurt terribly. Are brands like tattoos? Maybe I'm going to get a tattoo. Ooooh, wouldn't it be neat to have some sort of fearsome tattoo? Like a lion. That would scare off other predators if they think I'm a lion. I'm the same color as a lion. My mane is thick and bushy, like a lion's mane.I could be so cool!
Anyway, the Brand Inspector guy turned out to be nice enough. No brands and no tattoos. food. I checked. I snuffled his right pocket and his left pocket while he was trying to color pictures of Doc and me in his little coloring book. He showed my picture to me, since I was kinda curious and hanging my head over the fence to get a peek. The horse didn't really look like me. Its legs were too skinny and it had a long, long neck compared to mine. But, he did an awesome job drawing my blaze.
Anyway, I found out that my Mrs. Owner has to have a piece of paper from the Brand Inspector to prove that I belong to her. If she takes me on a trip in the big rattly noisy box and goes more than 75 miles away she needs the paper. If my Mrs. Owner is going to sell me she needs the paper. Oh, horrid thought! Is she going to sell me? I didn't do anything wrong! Did I? I haven't bucked with her on my back in a long time...I didn't step on her toes...I didn't nip her while looking for treats. Oh, oh, oh. I am going to have to be extra special good from now on! I'll keep my stall really clean. I won't slosh my water all over the ground. I won't push my Mrs. Owner out of the way to get to my hay. I'm going to be really, really good. I'll be just like that goody-goody Doc!


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  2. Oh Pippin, don't worry. Mrs. Owner won't sell you; she loves you. But it is a good idea to keep your stall clean and be extra good, just to be safe. Glad you got your brand card. It means you get to go places and have fun with Mrs. Owner.

    Now be a good boy and tell Mrs. Owner that there is an award waiting for her on my blog at this post:


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