Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pippin's Point of View: The Haf Laugh

I pulled a prank on Mrs. Owner! ROTGL (no floor in the paddock...has to be G for ground, instead)!
This morning when Mrs. Owner came down to feed us, I didn't stick my head around the corner of the barn and whinny at her as I usually do. [Giggle] I wasn't in my stall walking in circles waiting, not so patiently, for hay. [Snigger] She couldn't find me! [Chortle] Guess where I was? Do you give up? Huh? Can you guess? I was rooming in with Doc! [Snicker...Snort] I spent the night with Doc and Mrs. Owner can't figure out how I did it! [Yuk, yuk, yuk] Yup, there we were, in his stall together! Mrs. Owner scratched her head. The stall doors were shut and latched. The stall wall was in tact. The Priefert panels were all standing, and none were bent down (as if I'd be stupid enough to try to climb up the panels)! [Guffaw...Hee...Haw] The gates between the paddocks were all latched. [Cackle] And here's the best part [TeeHeeHee] she figures I musta jumped the panel! Me?! Jumping 5 feet from almost a standstill? Now, that's funny! Well, [Hiccup] anyway, it was the best prank and I'm not telling anyone my secret! It's so deliciously funny!

Note from Mrs. Owner: I like to give credit where it is due. I did not take this fabulous looks just like Pippin, though, and I can just imagine him laughing like this after his prank! Photo came from Those Funny Pictures.


  1. Ha! What a prankster! My Rosie can open human doors. She turns the door knob so she can get into the feed/tack room!

  2. I had a dinky little Arab mare who has the dubious honor of being the only equine I ever had that figured out how to open the grain box!! Had a Percheron gelding who could open any latch invented. So, what says a mischievious Halfie cannot open a stall door and shut it behind him?????

  3. Isn't it amazing how much dexterity horses have with their lips? It amazes me to watch Pippin pick up a small bit of food from the ground....and only get the food.
    Doc knows how Pippin pulled this prank, and he's working on a response. It takes him a bit of time to type, however, since his big feet often hit the wrong keys. He uses the backspace and delete buttons a lot!

  4. Hey Mrs. Owner,
    Jane gave me the website for your blog. I love it. It's very fun!


  5. Hi there, Nickole! I'm so glad that Jane gave you the website and that you enjoy the blog. It's fun for me, too!
    The boys want to know how Aspen is doing!


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