Monday, September 30, 2019

The Zoo Crew

Last year I found the perfect Christmas gift for my son and his family. I bought them a family pass for the Oakland Zoo. The pass has been well used and everyone benefits... even myself, as I get to join the family as a "guest"!

The other Grandmother and I have taken the kids to the zoo a few times this summer. There is so much to like about the zoo.

The kids love the gondola ride. It's great because we can push the stroller on and off, and we all have time to clamber aboard. From the gondola we get a birds-eye view of the bison and the camels, and see the amazing landscape.

From the gondola there is a wide, paved trail that winds through and above lovely large habitats for wolves, bald eagles, condors, jaguars, mountain lions and bears. We stop to see the animals. We've seen the wolves each time. They are elusive, hiding in the scrub below the raised walkway. We've seen the eagle eye-to-eye. It gives you a good feel for his awesome size.

The bears are always active. The zoo hides their food around the habitat, so we get to see them searching for breakfast. The path winds around the grizzly habitat, and has a window on a pond. One time when we were there the bears were having a wonderful time lounging in the water.

After the black bear habitat we come to the kids' favorite part of the zoo, the California Wilds Playground. The developers created several kid-friendly play areas in the zoo, and this playground has a number of "habitats" for kids to explore. There is a small stream to wade in, a desert area with burrows, a "mountain" kids can climb and slide down and other play areas.

Another area of the zoo has a kids discovery place with huge insects and arachnids to climb on.

We all loved watching the otters swim in their habitat. They were very entertaining.

And then... there was another river. Kellan discovered the river before we could redirect or interfere. He waded down the kid-friendly stream, and sat down in the water. Uh oh. We didn't think of bringing a change in clothes! Kellan spent the rest of the morning barefoot, and in his diaper. He didn't care!
Notice the wet legs of his pants
Adventure Landing is found as you exit the zoo. Last year we could distract the kids, and walk on by. That no longer works! The kids have learned the wonder of the merry-go-round and a few other rides.

Our little Amelia Earhart!

We will return, again and again!


  1. How nice to meet your grandkids. I loved her hat and those wings and, of course, boys will be boys and he had so much fun in the water. It was so nice to meet you and Scott and sorry we had so little time. I hope your trip went well, our country is so beautiful. More soon.


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