Sunday, September 22, 2019


Ferry service between Richmond and San Francisco began in January this year, after being promised for years. We see the ferries as they go in and out of the channel in front of the house, as well as ferries from other locations out on the bay. The dock is about three miles from our home.

Recently I took the time to take the ferry to San Francisco.

Ferry at the dock in Point Richmond with San Francisco visible through the fog behind the boat

The "Mr." watching as I board the ferry. 

A view from the stern of the ferry as we left the dock.

The view of my neighborhood from the ferry.
My house is one of those "little boxes" on the hillside.

Ferry Point near Miller Knox Regional Park.
Before bridges and tunnels, trains would ferry across the bay to San Francisco from this point
I walk by this building every morning, but have never seen the view from the sea

The Richmond bridge across San Francisco Bay 

Getting closer to San Francisco
Here's a great view of the city and the  Bay Bridge extending to Oakland 
I had such an enjoyable time. If I were working in San Francisco, I would love taking the ferry back and forth. What an amazing, relaxing way to travel to the city.


  1. Hi Cyndi - looks amazing ... I wonder what it's like in rough weather?! But glad you took the trip - cheers Hilary

    1. I think you are on to something there... it's hard to imagine what it would be like on a cold, windy, foggy San Francisco morning. Hmmm... maybe I'd stay below decks and have a nice coffee, maybe laced with something warming!


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